Saturday, October 24, 2015

Call for Fiction, Literati Quarterly Winter 2015/16 Issue

Hello, you!

Fall Issue!
The Fall Issue of The Literati Quarterly is now up, which I'm very pleased to announce for a number of reasons:
  • I'm the fiction editor over there now
  • The poetry editor and I designed this issue
  • I interviewed Tara Snowden (see page 63!), the featured artist of the issue, whose work I have admired for a number of years
  • We have new fiction by Michael Martone, Kate J. Reed, Jack Kaulfus, GJ Jensen, and Austin Eichelberger

Winter Issue!
Call for Winter 2015/2016 issue of The Literati Quarterly 

The Literati Quarterly is now accepting poetry, fiction, plays, translations, essays, art, interviews, reviews, or a hybrid thereof, for the Winter Issue. Work that touches on life, loss, darkness, love and friendship are preferred. The issue will be dedicated to the life of the editor-in-chief's significant other, who died tragically this Summer.

More information for the fiction side of the issue:
  • Longer stories preferred over flash (stories of at least 10 pages and capping at about 20 pages)
  • Stories desired that prize the language as much, or more than, the plot
  • Cleverness-for-the-sake-of-cleverness is not an asset here
Deadline for submission is December 6th.

Go read the Fall Issue now!
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