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A Chapbook: The Unique Stocking Stuffer for Readers

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"How The Sun Burns Among Hills of Rock and Pebble"
by Erin Pringle-Toungate

What's the Chapbook? "How The Sun Burns Among Hills of Rock and Pebble" is a longer story that revolves around the disappearance and death of a sister, an agricultural fair in the rural Midwest, and a man who has been shot.
Beginning Excerpt:
                But aside from the black crepe ribbons that flap on the white poles of the fair entrance archway, anyone who didn't live in the town last summer or close enough to hear the nightly news or who didn't ask about the luminaries lining the dirt avenue that ran along the fair's midway last night, wouldn't know that a young woman named Helen Greene disappeared from last summer's Agricultural Fair.
                Under the fair entrance archway linger the men who served pancakes at the church last month and sell fabric poppies at the one lighted intersection on Memorial Day weekend. They wear neon yellow vests over their T-shirts and bellies. Just before dark, the traffic into the fairgrounds will become steady, and when dark falls, they'll swing their flashlights and raise their hands in greeting to the people they recognize, and they recognize most everyone.
                Tonight, the carnies will speak in tongues and the town will drop screams from the rides, buy tickets, carry whorls of cotton candy back to their trailers and leaning homes--until somewhere in the middle night, the sound of the fair will become one constant chord, like the interstate in the distance or the light rushing through glass bulbs.

Publisher: The Head and The Hand Press, Philadelphia 2015
Original Publisher: The Minnesota Review
Awards: Finalist in The Kore Fiction Contest, nominated for Pushcart Prize
Length: 43 pages
Price (including shipping): $6.25

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