Book Your Stocking

Book Your Stocking 

A Reading Series

About: Book Your Stocking is a holiday reading series in which all kinds of readers share their wish-lists or give-lists each day of December. Click on the reader to see what books he/she/they recommend, but beware(!) your own list will grow quickly.


Holiday Season 2017

December 1 Erin Pringle
December 2 Tom Noyes
December 3 Sharma Shields
December 5 Kathleen Callum
December 6 Julia Drescher
December 7 Marilynn S. Olson
December 8 Chelsea Martin
December 9 Ira Gardner
December 10 Michael Noll
December 11 Donna Miscolta
December 12 John Kenny
December 13 Stephanie Noll
December 14 Christie Grimes
December 15 Regi Claire
December 16 Amelia Gray
December 17 Melissa Stephenson
December 18 Michael Martone
December 19 Michael Wolfe
December 20 Ann Tweedy
December 21 Abby Freeland
December 22 Rajia Hassib
December 23 Alvaro Rodriguez
December 24 Maya Jewell Zeller
December 25 Merry Christmas
December 26 April Cypher
December 27 Shawn Vestal
December 28 Polly Buckingham
December 29 Laura Robey
December 30 Barbara Simmons
December 31