Sunday, May 1, 2022

A Cozy, Well Located Airbnb in Casey, Illinois

Field east of Fairview Park, Casey, Illinois
where I imagined the circus setting up in Hezada! I Miss You
(Picture by me, 2022)

During my childhood, travelers to or through Casey, Illinois could stay anywhere else or at the old motel by the golf course, lovingly nicknamed "the roach motel" by locals (now defunct). 

Later, in the '90s, The Comfort Inn sprouted up by the I-70 exit, just behind Hardee's (now Subway). 

Recently, with the tourist boom that has followed the appearance of giant-sized objects along the streets and sidewalks of the town, so too has come additional options for staying the night in my hometown. There's a lovely bed & breakfast by the railroad tracks, and now, several Airbnbs. 

This time when I visited my family, I decided to stay in an Airbnb so that we could have room for stretching out our legs and make a family visit double as a vacation.  

And after staying nearly a full week at a little house just off the park, I think everyone travelling to or through Casey, Illinois ought to know about it. 


Picture of house from Airbnb page:

Five reasons the little white house by the park in Casey, Illinois was perfect for our visit-cation.
  1. It's across the street from the park so my son could quickly leave the house and start riding his bike, and I could walk or jog with him;
  2. It has two bedrooms, which was perfect for both my son and me to have our own space (the second bedroom has two twin beds);
  3. The loveseat in the living area reclines, which son found to be an amazing invention, and I found to be perfect for a cozy movie viewing (bonus: the space heater in the TV console);
  4. The full kitchen (refrigerator, stove/oven, sink, and cabinets) made for easy food preparation, from breakfast to dinner, which was even more convenient and necessary since we are vegetarian/vegan and, thus, have limited food choices when eating out in this area (NOTE:  Casey no longer has a grocery, so you'll have to stock up on groceries either at the Marshall or Charleston Wal-Mart or the Greenup IGA); 
  5. It served well for coffee visits over the kitchen table with my friend Patti, lunches with my mother, rounds of Yahtzee! and Bunko with my brothers, and a final dinner/visit with several family members and friends. (And the extra writing desk and chair served me very well.)

So, if you plan on visiting Casey for a softball tournament, the Labor Day Popcorn Festival, Casey Homecoming, Candy Canes on Main, or to gawk at giant-sized objects that have perhaps fallen from a giant's castle at the top of a soybean stalk hovering over Casey, this place seems a good bet if you plan on staying a few nights and would like to have a place to call home.

View of park from desk window where I found time to write.

View of local bird and park through window

Local bird living in house gutter,
 providing company outside kitchen window

My child enjoying his Saturday morning cartoons in the
cozy living area

More about the house (with better pictures) at its Airbnb site: 


P.S. It seems useful to note that I write this because I grew up in Casey, have family in Casey, and building each other up is one part of the community mindset. I'm not getting any kickbacks for saying good things about this place that I just happened to find and book while planning a trip to see my mother, brothers, niece, nephew, and friends. 

P.S.S. I would like you to stay there, though, because I plan on staying here next year.