About Her

Erin Pringle, photo by Grace June (2019)
Erin Pringle

Erin is the author of a novel, Hezada! I Miss You (Awst Press, 2020) and two short story collections, The Whole World at Once (West Virginia University Press/Vandalia Press 2017) and The Floating Order (Two Ravens Press, 2009). She has written three chapbooks: "How The Sun Burns Among Hills of Rock and Pebble" (The Head and The Hand Press, Philadelphia/2015); "The Lightning Tree" (Underground Voices, 2015); and "The Wandering House" (Awst Press, Austin/2016).

Hezada! I Miss You was a finalist in CLMP's Firecracker Prize (2021). Her work has been five-times nominated for a Pushcart Prize (2007, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018), selected as a Best American Notable Non-Required Reading (2007), shortlisted for the Charles Pick Fellowship (2007), and a finalist for contests such as the Austin Chronicle Short Story Contest and the Kore Press Short Fiction Award (2012). She's a recipient of a Washington State Artist Trust fellowship (2012). Her book The Whole World at Once was selected for performance in L.A.'s New Short Fiction Series.

Erin studied literature and creative writing at Indiana State University (2003) and then received her MFA in Fiction from Texas State University-San Marcos (2006).

At The Moment 
She is currently a writer-in-residence at The Hive in Spokane; she is working on her next novel. Her story collection Water Under a Different Sky is available for publication and she's currently shopping it to small presses. To read a selection of her fiction and non-fiction, please see Writing. Originally from a small town in Illinois, she now lives in Washington State with her partner, Heather, and son, Henry.

Interviews with Erin

Erin Interviews Others, Mainly Her Mother