Sunday, June 6, 2010

Whitman's Sky

(Image: America's Bard, Walt Whitman)
Her dear friend and former literature professor, Dr. Marilynn Olson is in the news with her astrophysicist husband, Dr. Donald Olson. Dr. Don Olson's team has pieced together the stars that fell into Whitman's poem Years of Meteors.
"In many of his investigations, Olson and his students use the methods of modern astronomy to determine precisely where and when a particular work of art was created or to pinpoint the event that inspired it. For example, Olson analysed Vincent van Gogh's Moonrise, a painting depicting a glowing yellow orb looming behind the silhouette of a rocky outcrop. Olson was able to determine the exact spot in France from which van Gogh viewed the rising moon, as well as . . . "
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