Saturday, April 1, 2017

Another artist on the tree, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

I just discovered the art of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham (1912–2004). Every time I meet the work of another woman artist that moves me, I feel both excited about the discovery and frustrated about an education that did not teach me, or help me to find, this enormous tree of women artists that reaches back and back and back. So, here's another branch. In case your life somehow missed this artist, too. (But how lovely it is that learning never ends, and that there is an ever-supply of interesting artists to add to our lives.)

  • Website of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Charitable Trust, which contains collections of her drawings, paintings, and prints as well as biographical information and gallery showings (and an awesome feature that allows you to move from a drawing to the larger series of works the drawing was one part of).

Sea and Boat by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham (1988)

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