Monday, November 27, 2017

Book Your Stocking: The Whole World at Once on Cyber Monday

Celebrate #CyberMonday by purchasing The Whole World at Once for all of your friends. All of them. 

The Whole World at Once is a collection of stories that trace rural landscapes and the journey of mourning and how that affects those who have experienced loss. A soldier returns from multiple tours of war, only to plant landmines in the back yard; a sister searches for her sister among cornfields and fairgrounds; a daughter counts time by her tire swing.

A few reviews: 
"This is an astonishing collection, beautifully written, heartrending, and deeply affecting." Read the full review here.

"People who grew up in rural areas will feel an eerie sense of stories they've grown up hearing or stories they've lived, a sense that this could happen or has happened here, and yet the pervasive thread of grief opens these stories up to anyone." 

"The characters dream intensely, waking in terror, and the stories themselves have a dreamlike intensity heightened by Pringle’s lyrical voice. [. . .] Readers willing to immerse themselves in sorrow, and sometimes in narratives that twist and shimmer before taking definite shape, will find reflected in these stories the unsteady path of coming back to life—or not—after loss.Continue reading at Kirkus Reviews.  

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