Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Pandemic Meditations: Now and Then by Farley Egan Green

Welcome to November, and to you, reader. Pandemic Meditations is a weekly series in which artists of all sorts share work that responds to life during COVID-19. 

This week, Idaho writer Farley Egan Green joins the series. 


Now and Then

by Farley Egan Green


Be a good girl, says mommy,
let the dentist do his job.
I stop sobbing.
Does the man have a light on his head?
He puts his hand in my mouth.

Sixty years later
a hygienist, double masked, 
holds a curette, 
zooms in,
and scrapes my teeth by hand.

We are all scraping/by/hand
We are all scraping/by/hand

Chutes and Ladders

She lived
at the top of a hill
in a three-story house 
painted red,
and was taught the rules:
help others, 
read books, 
avoid sudden slides.

Now she stays
in safe spaces, 
and wears gloves.
She plays defense, gains home,
and always 
through a mask.

Still trying to blow bubbles 
that won’t pop
before she does.


Farley Egan Green
Farley Egan Green is a Scripps College graduate and retired from a writing/communications career. She has published poems in four literary journals. Read "Canada" and "Love Note" in EmergeFarley lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

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