Sunday, May 9, 2021

Wake to Words and Brew Some Coffee (May 9, 2021)

Here is this Sunday's installment of Wake to Words and Brew Some Coffee, a weekly meeting in which we all drink coffee while I read good poems by other people.




Today's poems:

  • The Fear of Darkness by Wendell Berry
  • Winter Again by m.l. smoker
  • Cecilia by Laura Read
  • After the Hysterectomy by Laura Read
  • Wasps by Laura Kasischke
  • Space, In Chains by Laura Kasischke
  • At the Public Pool by Laura Kasischke
  • Vigil by Susan Bright
  • Sister by Susan Bright
  • Rim by Susan Bright
  • A Silent Chat with Our Old Cat by Molly Saty
  • The Piano Tuner by Molly Saty
  • XIX. by Wendell Berry