Friday, November 5, 2021

Glorious First-Friday at The Hive

Photo by my partner Heather

Thank you to EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. who came to the open house tonight at The Hive. It was a fantastic, alive, moving place, and I felt absolutely and impossibly lucky to be a part of it. The Hive has given me what I've always known I needed--a place where visual artists who talk like I talk, think in ways I tend to think, despite my being a writer instead of a painter. It is so difficult to find those people when the genres don't tend to group each other like that. Anyway. It was fantastic. 

Miguel Gonzales wasn't present in our studio space this go-around, but luckily, he has many examples of his past work, and I led tours of his space to the best of my ability. On our shared counter, I set up a tidy version of what the path looks like from beginning to publication of a book, from early notes, to reading, to viewing art, to early drafts (cut and taped together), to later drafts. Many passersby bought books and chapbooks from my space. The discussions were wonderful, meeting so many people felt like a version of living I only vaguely remember, and being able to talk out my current project with an old and new friend felt easy and worthwhile, and I'm so glad I could articulate my project (not easy at its earliest incantations) and now I'm now reeling with its tangibility and possibilities.

The Hive will likely do more open-house events on First Fridays or other days of the month, so stay tuned for more opportunities to explore, discover, and enjoy this space. 

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