Sunday, April 17, 2022

Wake to Words and Brew Some Coffee (April 17, 2022)

 Here's today's session of Wake to Words and Brew Some Coffee, wherein every Sunday I read good poems by other people while we all drink coffee.

Poems read: 
  • Consorting with Angels by Anne Sexton (from Live or Die)
  • Swimming by Polly Buckingham (from The River People)
  • Paen for the Body by Ann Tweedy (from The Body’s Alphabet)
  • She Dreams of Being an Artist by Maya Jewell Zeller (from Rust Fish)
  • Sparrow’s Sleep by m.l. smoker (from Another Attempt at Rescue)
  • Metaphors of Mass Destruction by Brooke Matson (from In Accelerated Silence)
  • After the Hysterectomy by Laura Read (from Instructions for My Mother’s Funeral)

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