Sunday, August 14, 2022

Wake to Words and Brew Some Coffee (August 14, 2022)

It's mid-August and perhaps you're thinking of all that needs to be done in that last-summer, near-harvest, start-of-school sort of way. 

Glad you're here instead. Every Sunday, we drink coffee while I read good poems by other people. Enjoy!


Poems read:

  • Architect’s Watercolor by Arthur Sze (from Poetry, October 2021)
  • Blades of Grace by Carolina Duan (from Poetry, October 2021)
  • Thankful by Patricia Smith (from her book Blood Dazzler)
  • Song of the Stone and The Lost Child by George Mackay Brown (from his book Carve the Ruins)
  • XIII. by Wendell Berry (from his book The Peace of Wild Things)
  • A Ghost Sings by Jack Gilbert (from his book The Great Fires)
  • I Imagine the Gods by Jack Gilbert (from his book The Great Fires)
  • Naming by Polly Buckingham (from her book The River People)
  • Ms. Chisolm’s Red Jacket by Polly Buckingham (from The River People)


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