Saturday, May 20, 2023

"Grimly Gorgeous Stories": Tom Noyes on Unexpected Weather Events, new stories by Erin Pringle

“Erin Pringle has done it again. In this clutch of grimly gorgeous stories, resilient characters navigate perilous conditions and deteriorating landscapes in their efforts to transcend, or at least come to terms with, the dicey, mysterious predicaments of their strangely familiar lives. The greatest graces afforded these pilgrims, not to mention us readers, are the sentences, coldly true and perfectly pitched, that pump their blood and afford them breath. Erin Pringle is not a minimalist, nor is she a language-for-language’s-sake lyricist, but her prose, its sound and its sense, is the heart of the book.” 

- Tom Noyes, author of The Substance of Things Hoped For

📖 Due out October 1, 2023
💙 Published by Awst Press