Monday, July 10, 2023

Wake to Words and Brew Some Coffee (Monday Edition, July 10, 2023)

Over the weekend, my son and I spent our days in the Umatilla National Forest, which was fantastic for all the reasons one might imagine--trees, ground squirrels, wildflowers, stars, mountain streams--and the added bonus of no internet access. So, like a holiday delaying garbage pick-up by one day, this week's session of Wake to Words and Brew Some Coffee arrives at your doorstep on a Monday rather than our usual Sunday. I hope it finds you there, regardless, and that you'll find one of these poems to have the right words for your current moment.


  • Space & Time by Ann Tweedy (from her book A Registry of Survival)
  • Two Laments by Daniel Halpern (from his book Traveling on Credit)
  • Choice by Susan Bright (from her book Atomic Basket)
  • Immortality by AI (from her book Sin)


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