Monday, January 8, 2024

LibraryThing Early Reviewers Giveaway for Unexpected Weather Events

LibraryThing is a website for avid readers to track their reading and receive recommendations for other books to read. To help spread the word about the existence of my new story collection Unexpected Weather Events, I'm offering five free copies to LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program. The only caveat is that winners promise to review the book on LibraryThing (and/or other social media). 

Readers in the United States can enter the giveaway until January 25, 2024. 

LibraryThing selects the five winners. 

To add your name to the lottery for Unexpected Weather Events, visit LibraryThing at


"Erin Pringle is my favorite living author. This breathtaking new collection more than solidifies that opinion. Her writing is soul-rich with wonder and terror, tapping into a child's dream-like experience of family, change, and death. These are not only stories; each piece is a spell swirling with grief, love, and the bitter-strong beauty of being alive." 

—Owen Egerton, author of Hollow and How Best To Avoid Dying