Sunday, February 18, 2024

Spokesman-Review: Unexpected Weather Events in your newspaper

This coming Thursday (February 22, 2024), my newest book Unexpected Weather Events will be the focus of the Northwest Passages audience at the Spokesman-Review building. The event will include a conversation led by Spokesman writer Lindsey Treffry, questions from the audience, and a reading from the book by yours truly. Today, Treffry's article about Unexpected Weather Events ran in the paper. She discusses the book itself and spun in a few words I'd spoken during a recent phone conversation we had.

“Grief is this – trying to carry tragedy at the same time you’re trying to buy Oreos,” Pringle said. “I think losing, in itself, is this trying to balance the mundane livingness of life with what feels like life-changing tragedy and not letting either one of them take over to the point that you’re neglecting the other.”

Northwest Passages is a book-focused, author-centered discussion with regional writers or books on regional subjects. Copies of Unexpected Weather Events will be available to purchase at the event, thanks to Auntie's Bookstore.

Read the full article here 

More information about Northwest Passages with Erin Pringle in conversation with Lindsey Treffry
  • Thursday, February 22nd at 7 PM
  • Tickets are $7 each and available for purchase here
  • Address: 999 W. Riverside Ave., Spokesman-Review building, 7th floor Chronicle Pavilion
  • To purchase books in advance, you can find them locally at Auntie's Bookstore, Wishing Tree Books, and Giant Nerd Books
I hope to see you and your best book-reading friend there!