Thursday, December 20, 2018

Book Your Stocking with Sharma Shields

Book Your Stocking: December 20

Here we are, twenty days into December and no sign to the end of books that could appear in your stocking or the sock drawers of your favorite people. And, so, let's keep this daily book-wish experience going. 

Please welcome writer, publisher, and avid reader, Sharma Shields.


The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani, cover
THE PERFECT NANNY by Leïla Slimani

I've already read this title, as a checkout from Spokane County Library District, and I would love to own a copy. It's a dark, dark book (it begins with the aftermath of a brutal murder of two children, so don't gift this to a lighthearted reader on your list), but it's also a blunt and perfectly executed commentary on parenthood, privilege, race, and class. An expert study in pacing, it's impossible to put down, but also multi-layered, even-toned, and smart as hell. Translated from the French; it's always a great idea to gift women writers in translation.


Sharma Shields, photo by Rajah Bose
About today's reader:

Sharma Shields's newest novel is The Cassandra, out soon from Henry Holt. She is the founder of Scablands Books, began the annual reading series and anthology Lilac City Fairytales, and works actively to connect writers to readers and readers to each other. Learn more about Sharma and her writing at


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