Monday, March 23, 2020

Two Erins talk about Hezada! I Miss You on Must Read Fiction

At the book-release party for Hezada! I Miss You, I met Erin Popelka. She'd read about the party thanks to Spokane Arts bringing attention to the book and event. Then, this Erin Popelka came to the reading event at Boots Bakery. Soon after, we met up in the Terrain work-space, and she interviewed me for her author interview series, Must Read Fiction.

Get this. Not only is her name Erin, but she's also from the Midwest. Naturally, we will soon be very good friends. And if you can't tell, her energy is contagious. 

You can view the interview here. To enjoy more interviews from Must Read Fiction, follow on Facebook or subscribe to the YouTube Channel. If you found the interview absolutely delightful, be sure to let her know.