Friday, April 3, 2020

Fiction Friday: Losing, I Think in Whistling Shade Magazine

Photo by Kurt Bauschardt, used under CC license
For the next however many Fridays, I thought I'd run a small series in which I share stories of mine that are still available and free to read online. 

This week, the story is "Losing, I Think," which I wrote in 2002 or 2003 as an undergrad at Indiana State University. I guess this would mean it's part of my juvenalia. 

In 2005, the story appeared in Whistling Shade, a literary journal out of St. Paul, MN. The story appears in my first book, The Floating Order (Two Ravens Press, 2009).  

Thankfully, Whistling Shade is one of few magazines from my early writing career that are still alive and continue to share writing with its community of readers. It's also one of the few paying markets my work found place in.

Support Whistling Shade simply by reading and sharing it with your friends; start reading at There's simply nothing to lose.