Friday, April 3, 2020

Hezada! I Miss You on The Writer's Block Radio Show of L.A. Talk Radio

The Writer's Block Radio Show via L.A. Talk Radio

The Writer's Block is a weekly interview show broadcast by L.A. Talk Radio. Hosted by Jim Christina and Bobbi Jean Bell, the show features a different author every week, no matter the genre--from poetry to western novels to story collections to circus novels like mine.

I first met Jim and Bobbi Jean when I discovered the show during my book tour for The Whole World at Once. Due to the show's popularity, they were booking a year out, but booked me they did, and I joined them in March 2018; I felt an immediate bond as we talked. So much so that last night, I happily returned to discuss Hezada! I Miss You

When the show came to its natural end, I wanted to extend our conversation past the run time--for hadn't we just begun? An hour is not so much when spent with kindred spirits.

Highlights: the laughter, the discussion of overwriting in order to under-write, their giving me the space to speak about why I felt driven to write this book, despite its psychological toll. 

So much thanks to Jim and Bobbi Jean for taking the time to read my work and caring about it and how we talk about it. I appreciate you both so much, and look forward to the time we meet again. 

Listen to our discussions (click title link)

Jim Christina
Bobbi Jean Bell

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