Monday, August 17, 2020

Fairy Tales in the Park: Audubon Park, Spokane

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When the pandemic began to affect the way life worked, I started having a harder time writing. How does one write about what it is to live when so much is in flux? To write of the past is to write before the pandemic, but to do that seems to require a way of remembering that hinges on how to think of the present. To write in the future seems to require knowing how to think of that future's past. Perhaps my worrying over how to do this is simply a useful rationalization for why I'm not writing. 

I haven't told a long story since the rise of the pandemic, either, but I am interested in what that experience will be like. Of course, the frames of the fairy tales are there, but the present always influences the way in which I tell the story from the endings to character traits to details I will emphasize or de-emphasize. 

I'm reminded of how fairy tales were once used by those not in power--to empower themselves and each other. Stories where lead characters figured out how to solve the predicaments they found themselves in because they did not lead lives where heroes swung in at the nick of time. 

What is a fairy tale in the midst of a pandemic? 

I certainly know what Hansel and Gretel is like when there is not a pandemic. But what of the story when its setting is so close to the world in which the storyteller sits, casting imaginations back?

Well, we can all find out in September, as I've decided to tell a story most every Sunday in Audubon Park. Because of the pandemic and safety, audiences are limited to six people. I hope that you will be one of the six. All ages welcome, masks and social distancing required. To learn more about the story events, what to expect, and to RSVP, please click on the appropriate link(s) below.

September 6: Splish-Splash, or The Frog Prince

 6:00 PM

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September 13: Sleeping Beauty, or She Sleeps

 6:00 PM

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September 20: Jack in the Beanstalk, or The Famine

 6:00 PM

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October 4: Hansel and Gretel

 6:00 PM

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For additional story times, please check back at or like Erin Pringle on Facebook for faster event updates.