Wednesday, October 7, 2020

New Review of Hezada! I Miss You: "It's a gorgeous portrait of small town living"

One of the people who won a copy of Hezada! I Miss You from LibraryThing has already read it AND posted a review. So, if you are on Instagram, you can view/like it here:

Or, you can read it via this screenshot:

 [Text: So much more than a book about a circus, this story weaves together love and tradition and the heartbreaking tragedy of suicide. The story follows Abe and Heza, twin children in love with the circus that arrives in their small town every summer, their mother, a thrift store owner with her own circus history, Frank, a soon to be retired circus worker, and a circus that's down to one elephant and a few acrobats.

Be warned, there are no quotation marks used in this book. I found it a little difficult at first, but as you keep reading it becomes easier and adds to the tone of the conversations. I was not expecting to have my heart shattered by this story but here we are. The topic of suicide is a delicate one to write about, and the writer does this beautiful job of giving the perspectives of everyone involved with inner dialogues and what-if conversations that are so heartbreakingly real I had to read through tears. It's a gorgeous portrait of small town living, with real, nuanced characters, and a circus that dives deep into every reader's memories of their childhood circus experiences.

I received this free copy to review from LibraryThing.]


As always, if you have read the book and want to share your good thoughts about it with readers, please do! It helps everyone involved, from the press--to the cover artist--to the writer--to the location from where you bought it--to other readers searching for books with the content/tone/perspectives that you've discovered.

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