Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! Wake to Words and Brew Some Coffee (1/1/23)

Happy New Year! Thanks for joining me for coffee and poems. We do this most every week, and I hope you'll drop in again next Sunday. If there's ever a poem or poet you'd like to hear, let me know by contacting me through this website or le
aving a comment on the video on my Facebook Page. Enjoy!

Poems read:

  • Pain for a Daughter by Anne Sexton (from her book Live or Die)
  • Nights and Days by Adrienne Rich (from her book The Dream of a Common Language)
  • Lost Poem by Molly Saty (from her book put sparklers on my grave)
  • Remembering to Sing by Patricia Smith (from her book Blood Dazzler)

🠊 Catch the live show on Sunday mornings at some time-ish: