Friday, November 10, 2023

Wake to Words and Brew Some Coffee (11/5/23)

Hi Friends! It has been a hot minute, it feels like, since we gathered for poetry. Here is the most recent reading. Please note that my usual computer is sick, so I'm using my desktop to record; it has a hum that would drive a sloth berserk, eventually (I imagine sloths as very peaceful, high-tolerance creatures). So, I apologize for that sound. I hope you're all well. There will be poetry this Sunday. 

Poems, both by Anne Carson and from her book Plainwater:

  • On The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Deyman 
  • On Orchids

Note: The first poem is a response to this Rembrandt painting that bears the title within the poem.


🠊 Catch the live show Sunday mornings at some time-ish: