Saturday, May 26, 2012

Short-Story Month 2012: Day 26, The Daredevil's Wife by Tom Noyes

Photo of a photo of niagra falls
by Rebecca Partington,
Used under CC license

     "Otherwise a calm evening. No eleventh-hour ultimatums, no last-ditch begging. The daredevil and his wife stay home sip wine, channel-surf.
      The daredevil's wife is understandably anxious and distressed, but the daredevil knows, deep-down, she's on board."

Day 26.
National Short-Story Month.

In continuing the lighter of the dark stories from yesterday, she has to decided to continue the lighter of the dark with a dark story lightly told about a man bent on saving his wife, or himself.

by Tom Noyes
(scroll down the Eureka website to read)

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