Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Book Your Stocking with Julia Drescher

Book Your Stocking: December 6

All December, readers of all stripes will share their reading wish-lists and/or give-lists. Note on book links: all titles are linked to their publishers or IndieBound, in order to support writers, publishers, and local bookstores. If you are rural and without bookstores, share this post with your librarian or library's Facebook page.

Please welcome today's reader, Julia Drescher.


Black and Blur (Fred Moten) (so far, so fucking good!)
Dark Ecology (Timothy Morton)
Lay Ghost (Nathaniel Mackey)
MyOTHER TONGUE (Rosa Alcala)
Winter (Ali Smith)
The Oblivion Seekers (Isabelle Eberhardt)
The Chandelier (Clarice Lispector)
The Passion According to GH (Clarice Lispector)
Elena Ferrante (re-reading Neopolitan novels and The Lost Daughter-which has one of the greatest last sentences!)
This is the Place: Women Writing About Home (Anthology)
Kith (Divya Victor)
Saidiya Hartman (very much waiting for her _Beautiful Lives, Wayward Experiments_)


Julia Drescher,
photo used with permission
About today's reader: Julia Drescher lives in Colorado where she co-edits the press Further Other Book Works with the poet C.J. Martin. Her work has appeared most recently in ‘Pider, Entropy, Likestarlings, Aspasiology, and Hotel. Her book of poems, Open Epic, is available from Delete Press. 


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