Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Heartland, Suicide, and the Circus, or Shannon Perri Interviews Erin Pringle in The Rumpus

🐘 News: The Rumpus has published an interview with me about Hezada! I Miss You. 🐘

Thank you to Shannon Perri for seeking out Hezada! and me, querying The Rumpus, for her kindness and preparation for the interview, and for asking these particular questions. I think this interview provides the lens into my relationship with Hezada! I Miss You in a way that is succinct, representative, and meandering in all the right ways. Thanks to The Rumpus for taking on the interview and for connecting readers with small presses--no doubt, this won't be the last time Perri writes for the publication.

Shannon Perri, photo from her website