Wednesday, February 26, 2020

CUPCAKES AND NOVELS, FROSTING AND FICTION, or Erin Pringle and Wendy J. Fox at Boots Bakery in Spokane

🧁 You're invited! 📚

Wendy J. Fox has a new book, I have a new book, and we'll both be in Spokane, so it seemed pretty right that we should meet up, eat cupcakes, and invite people to do the same while she and I read a bit and talk a bit about books, words, fiction, and everything in between. 
  • 8 PM
  • 2/26/20
  • Boots Bakery, Spokane

    Boots Bakery is one of my favorite spaces in Spokane, not only because I love cupcakes (and vegan cupcakes, at that), but also because of the long and narrow space, the artwork, the high ceilings, and the ease of being there. If you haven't tried out this place, this event could serve as an excellent excuse.

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