Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tales from a Book Tour: Melissa Stephenson and Erin Pringle in Missoula, Montana

On February 20, 2020, I read with my friend Melissa Stephenson at Fact and Fiction Books in Missoula, Montana. This would be my first out-of-town event for Hezada! I Miss You. What follows are an assortment of pictures from my few days there. 
  • Driving there pictures
  • Fact and Fiction pictures
  • Running in Missoula picture
  • Breakfast at Bernice's Bakery
  • Crossing the bridge on Higgins
  • Sightings

But, Erin, how did the event at Missoula go? 
It was very good. I was with Melissa and I've missed her. I met up again with her friend Emily whom I adore. My partner came. We read books the next day at Bernice's Bakery. The time in Missoula was good. I wrote a little. 

But the event, Erin?
I was with Melissa. I cried a little when I started talking about Hezada! I tried not to cry. Then I'd see Melissa's eyes, see her trying to carry me through with her eyes, and then I'd cry a little again--not big tears, but that moment where if crying will happen, it's about to. 
I didn't know what I was saying, though I think it came out clearly. Then I read from the book, and that went fine, of course, because that I can do. That, I'm good at.
Afterward, I helped fold chairs. I stood by Melissa. I signed a few books. And then we drove to Melissa's and I started feeling more myself. 


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