Sunday, February 2, 2020

Hezada! at the Washington Cracker Building, Spokane

Washington Cracker Building
(photo from this Inlander article)
We are a week from the official launch of Hezada! I Miss You. I arranged to celebrate the book at the Washington Cracker Building because it seems of the era the novel reaches back into. Though Hezada! is told in the present-day, it's set in a village whose heartbeat was steadier a century ago, and whose stories of that time persist into the abandoned-now. The Washington Cracker Building is the same, and the first time I saw it, I felt Casey, Illinois--from the building's red brick to its faded, painted signage.

The building sat empty for a long while before it was acquired and put back together into the thriving space it is today, which has served for two-story art shows, private and public events, a permanent art gallery, bar, and work-spaces. The Cracker Building is basically what the villagers in my novel dream their village could be again in some utopian future. And so, the Cracker Building seems perfect to celebrate the novel--both my completion of it and its public introduction.

If you haven't read up on the history of the Cracker Building, here are several useful articles regarding its past:
You and everyone you know is invited to come to the celebration.

Sunday, February 9
2 PM
Washington Cracker Building
304 W. Pacific Ave.

I mean it. You're invited.