Monday, February 10, 2020

Tales from a Book Tour: Hezada! Book Release Party

February 9, 2020
Overbluff Cellars/Cracker Building
Spokane, WA


Neil Elwell running sound-check.


Erin Pringle, Hezada! Book Release,
photo by Meredith Lombardi
(photo by Kayle Larkin)
(photo Kayle Larkin)
AnnElise and me
(when we don't know we're in a camera)
AnnElise and me
(my tennis boss and dear friend)

Teresa and me

When one of us is prepared for the picture
(Jan and me)
My co-workers. I love them.
(Teresa, Jan, Heather, me, Hannah, Meredith)

Erin Pringle signing books at release party,
photo by Kayle Larkin

Sweet home.


It was a very nice time.
Thanks to everyone who spent their afternoon with me.  
Let's do it again sometime.