Sunday, December 19, 2021

Book Your Stocking with Mandy Chapman Orozco

Book Your Stocking 2021

Book Your Stocking: Day 19

Here we are, nineteen days into this year's edition of Book Your Stocking. If you haven't stuffed all your stockings, then this is the perfect place to be. If friends give you gift-cards to bookstores, this is an even better place to be. Every day avid readers recommend the book for your stocking (or your favorite reader's stocking).

Please welcome Many Chapman Orozco who is today taking care of socks, stockings, and your booklist.


Why: I'd love to get this book in my stocking because there's a lot of noise right now, and this book poetry is the opposite of all that--it is thoughtful, powerful, and lovely.


About today's reader: Mandy Chapman Orozco reads and writes in Spokane.

Mandy Chapman Orozco