Thursday, December 23, 2021

Book Your Stocking with Tom Noyes

Book Your Stocking 2021
Book Your Stocking: Day 23

So glad to have you back! We are nearly finished with this year's edition of Book Your Stocking, and hopefully, you're nearly finished with making, buying, and wrapping gifts to your favorite people. Each day avid readers recommend books that you or your favorite person would be delighted to find in their stocking or sock drawer. 

Please welcome Tom Noyes back to the series.


Why: Wang doesn't write just one kind of story in this collection, and he doesn't create just one kind of character or employ just one perspective or pursue just one theme. His vision is as vast and varied as the settings, time periods, and personalities he brings to life in this buzz-worthy debut. (Winner of the 2021 Pen America Robert W. Bingham Prize)

About today's reader: Tom Noyes is a writer and professor; his newest book is the novel The Substance of Things Hoped For (Slant Books 2021).

Tom Noyes