Sunday, December 5, 2021

Book Your Stocking with Sawyer Lovett

Book Your Stocking 2021

Book Your Stocking: December 5

May you find peace and solace in a quiet corner of a bookstore or library this season. To assist you with that, an avid reader gives one very good idea for a title to search for and stuff your stocking with (or the sock of a person you like and whose sock you have access to).

Please welcome today's reader, joining the series for the first time, Sawyer Lovett. 


Why: As close to a perfect work of trans lit as I’ve seen yet, Peters hits so many relatable conversational landmarks between trans people (and between women, and between people trying to decide on the shape of family) with stingingly beautiful prose and effortless craft. 


About today's reader: 

Sawyer Lovett is an adjunct professor at UArts in Philadelphia, a zinester, a dog dad, and a real mess most days.
Sawyer Lovett