Saturday, December 18, 2021

Book Your Stocking with Polly Buckingham

Book Your Stocking 2021
Book Your Stocking: Day 18

Another day, another Book Your Stocking, the somewhat-annual series in which avid readers recommend books for your stocking or the stockings of people you most love. Thanks for returning or discovering us.

Today, Polly Buckingham has the book for you.


Why: This book is a surreal adventure centering around three generations of women and their gingerbread recipes (what's in that gingerbread, you may ask); it includes talking dolls, unmapped countries, and houses that disappear and reappear elsewhere.

About today's reader: Polly Buckingham reads, writes, and teaches in Eastern Washington and has recently become the series editor for the Katherine Anne Porter Award.

Polly Buckingham