Wednesday, October 4, 2023

John Kenny on Unexpected Weather Events: "at the centre is the warmth of love and family"

Unexpected Weather Events
cover by L.K. James
book published by AWST
Good news! Over in Dublin, Ireland, writer and editor John Kenny has been reading my newest book, Unexpected Weather Events, and sometime in my night and and his day, he published his thoughts on the book. 

I met John over a decade ago at a writer's convention in Dublin. Since then, John has been a steady supporter of my work. Early on, he read and reviewed The Floating Order, and later included my story "Lightning Tree" in the anthology he edited entitled Box of Delights; that story would later be collected in my book The Whole World at Once. More recently, John helped my story/novella "Water Under a Different Sky" find a home in Albedo One, the science-fiction/fantasy magazine based in Dublin. That story now stands as the final work in Unexpected Weather Events 

And now that I've published my next book, John has written about it. After he shares a masterfully concise and accurate description of each story, he concludes:

For all that this collection examines the heartache of loss and the destructiveness of the world around us (‘Room Under the Stairs’), it’s important to highlight, though, that at the centre of all these stories is the warmth of love and family, which is made palpable through the keen eye of Pringle’s beautifully crafted prose. 

Please, read the full review here: John Kenny reviews Unexpected Weather Events


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