Thursday, October 5, 2023

Unexpected Weather Events at Giant Nerd Books, Spokane

After the weekend release of Unexpected Weather Events, I stopped by Giant Nerd Books to drop a few copies off with Nate. 

It had been a hot minute since our last visit, so we swapped updates. The store itself is more full of books than I've ever seen it, and it's hard to imagine the very small space that the bookstore began in years ago. In addition to any sort of book you'd want, for your visual delight and curious heart, the store has a sarcophagus bookshelf, a few giraffe bones, local art, and so very much more. How the Garland District survived without Giant Nerd until a few years ago, I'll never know. It is clearly an essential part of the good vibe.

While I was there, Nate pointed out the winner of the recently held Giant Nerd Books logo art contest. The winner is a block-printed design and displayed atop a book shelf nearest the front door. T-shirts will be made! The main rules were to include the name of the bookstore and the store's mascot, Nate and his girlfriend's dog Elvira (who was so quietly curled on the chair beside the counter I didn't see her until she was pointed out).

Outside, on the large display window you can view all of the logo art entries. This one caught my eye in particular, thanks to my great appreciation for The Little Prince. Do you see the reference? 

Now is one of the best times to visit Giant Nerd, what with the weather inviting cozy evening reading. And there is simply no other place in Spokane where you can browse books with an eclectic energy mixed from drive-in culture, B-movie affection, spiritualism, and the strange and curious. Take yourself and a friend with even one interest, and you'll be sure to find what you're searching for, from vintage comic books to classic children's novels to long-lost paperbacks. Giant Nerd bookstore is a living collection like no other, and we here in the Garland District are damn lucky that we're allowed to wander through it, much less take a part of it home with us--whether that's signed first-editions, glass eyes, thick art books, local nostalgia, or the unexpected.

Tell Nate I said hi when you go, and give Elvira the dog a sweet gaze.

Giant Nerd Books

607 W. Garland

Spokane, WA 99201