Friday, October 6, 2023

Unexpected Weather Events at Auntie's this Sunday, October 8th

As we draw closer to Sunday, when I'll be signing copies of Unexpected Weather Events at Auntie's bookstore, I will inevitably begin to have deep worries like these. And I have already begun thinking of the giant fish that looms above the book-signing table, threatening to swoop down and eat me. 

Giant Auntie's fish, as pictured from
the last time I sat beneath it.

But! Here are some really great things that we should think about when we think about book signings:

  1. I will have awesome vinyl decals of the book cover for your water bottle, car, guitar case, old peanut butter jars, or whatever it is that you sticker-ize. 
  2. You're shopping local the minute you stand at the Auntie's counter and take your receipt.
  3. You'll be in a bookstore, which is one of the best places to be. You'll see books you wouldn't notice anywhere else. 
  4. The giant fish won't eat either of us.
  5. If we find each other some moment while we're both there, we will be pleasantly surprised and have a lovely discussion.
  6. My publisher will be happy that you and I did what she hoped we would do with the book now that it's in its corporeal form.
  7. Books. Us and books. All those words. There can't be anything bad when we're surrounded like that.
See you there. Wear bells.
Or not.
People say that around here.

Book Signing
Sunday, October 8th
11-2 PM
Auntie's Bookstore
402 W. Main, Spokane, WA


Can't attend? Let's find another time. Event calendar here:

“Reading UNEXPECTED WEATHER EVENTS is like looking into a snow so mesmerizing and crystalline you are unable to turn away, at once illuminated and profoundly lost. They are stories of winter madness—troubling, tender, and hallucinatory—stories of connection and misconnection, of love and grief and isolation in the increasingly dangerous and tenuous reality of our contemporary condition.” — Polly Buckingham, author of THE EXPENSE OF A VIEW and THE RIVER PEOPLE