Saturday, October 14, 2023

Meet Us in Missoula: Erin Pringle and Melissa Stephenson at Fact and Fiction Bookstore

This coming Thursday (October 19, 2023), I'll drive to Missoula's Fact and Fiction Bookstore to read from my newest book of stories, Unexpected Weather Events. My good friend Melissa Stephenson will join me, insist on not reading but follow my reading with a thoughtful Q and A. If it's like the last time, anyway. 

The last time I read at Fact and Fiction Books was for Hezada! I Miss You a few weeks after the book's release and before the Covid crisis. We had unwittingly scheduled the reading at the same time as a popular writing event at the university, which made for an intimate audience. Needless to say, I felt terrible that the bookstore had prepared by buying so many copies of Hezada!, much less gone out of their way to set up all of those empty chairs. I helped clean up the space while exuding guilt, shame, and a palpable humiliation. 

But here's my problem. I simply love Missoula. I love Bernice's Bakery. I love the downtown, the ability to walk so many places, the river, and Fact and Fiction Bookstore. Ever since I met it the first time, I fell hard for it. (And wrote about it here.)

Me and my Melissa, 2023
So, when Unexpected Weather Events was due to be published, I asked the good people at Fact and Fiction whether I could return; they agreed. When I told Melissa, she did not share her reservations at my book-reading delusions--because she's a good friend, understands new-book desperation, and knows that we will enjoy our time together in and out of the bookstore. 

Cross your fingers, then. 

And if you're in or near Missoula, I'd love to meet you on Higgins Avenue this Thursday at 7 PM. I'll even fold your chair after you've wandered back into the evening.

Fact and Fiction Bookstore
220 N. Higgins Ave.
October 19, 2023
7 PM

“Deep, rich, and beautiful— Erin Pringle has a knack for capturing the details of daily life as those lives are forever altered: the smell of snow, the surprise cancer diagnosis, the joy of valentines. the lost father, new boyfriend, meanness and kindness, With these stories, she brings clarity to chaos, light into darkness.”
— Melissa Stephenson, author of DRIVEN