Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Unexpected Weather Events on Your Autumn Must-Reads List

Good news! Electric Lit recently published a list of "The Must-Read Small Press Books of Fall," and my new story collection Unexpected Weather Events made the cut! Wendy J. Fox writes of the book, 

In these nuanced stories, often told from a child’s perspective, death is right around the corner and is just as predictable as wintertime snow. Six years after their father’s suicide, a trio of brothers go get milk while their mother is on a date and find a valentine for the oldest boy in the grocery store; a wife and husband reunite after his terminal cancer diagnosis; the ghost of a long gone sister appears to purchase a chair from her living sister; war breaks out over the Illinois cornfields. What Unexpected Weather Events speaks to as a collection is the fragile hold we all have on the scaffolding that props up our lives. Despite the often bleak premises, moments of hope and even joy manage to shine through. Though Pringle’s characters do not always find transcendence, her storytelling does.

Read the full article here: https://electricliterature.com/15-small-press-books-to-read-this-fall/ 

Order Unexpected Weather Events from Awst Press: https://awst-press.com/shop/unexpected-weather-events