Sunday, December 17, 2023

Book Your Stocking 2023 with My Mom

On this year's Book Your Stocking, readers share children's books from their past or present. Perhaps you'll stumble upon readers who loved the same books as you, or you'll recall books  important to your own childhood. Should the book find its way into a stocking near you, all the better.

I'm pleased to welcome my mother to the series who begins by remembering her own mother.


From Listening to Reading Aloud

by Carol Pringle

Mother read to us The Bobsey Twins series. Then, I read a lot of forgettable library books as a child and owned only one book (dog vs. cat) until ordering a Scholastic romance book as a high-school freshman. So, I wasn’t an avid reader until I became a teacher who read to children. My all-time fave is E.B. White's Charlotte’s Web. Loved his Trumpet of the Swan, too, and Beverly Cleary’s Ramona the Pest books. Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren was one my third graders enjoyed hearing. Others liked Little House on the Prairie; Old Yeller also comes to mind. 

My 2024 reading list is going to contain mostly children’s book titles. This week, I’m reading all of Kate Dicamillo’s books (Because of Winn Dixie, et al).

My mom reading to my son
About Carol Pringle: Carol taught elementary school for over thirty years after a stint in social work. She grew up in Evansville, Indiana between her older sister Judy and her younger brother Gary--a sibling position to which she attributes many of her personality traits, faults, and desires. She is now retired, volunteers at the local library, and is an active member of her church community.