Thursday, December 28, 2023

Unexpected Weather Events is January's Get Lit! Book Discussion


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As most any Spokane-area reader knows, the Get Lit! Festival is a big deal for books, readers, and writers every April in the city. Initially a day-long event, the festival has since grown in popularity, size, and opportunity such that this year the four, fully scheduled days will hardly be enough. From April 11th, 2024 to April 15th 2024, the reading and writing scene in Spokane will be a-buzz with live readings, panel discussions, Q & As, workshops, a book fair, and more. The first time I attended Get Lit! was several years ago when Joyce Carol Oates was the headlining writer. More recently, I went to listen to Roxane Gay. This year, we're lucky to have Carmen Maria Machado. 

In addition to the festival, Get Lit! Programs does community outreach, helps fill local classrooms with guest creative writers--all the while supporting the literary arts. One of the cool events that has blossomed recently as part of Get Lit! is a monthly book club featuring a book by a writer who will be at the upcoming festival. It provides a wonderful opportunity for readers to feel fully immersed in the festival once it arrives because they will already be cover-to-cover familiar with many of the guests. 

My newest book Unexpected Weather Events will be featured in several events at the festival (details forthcoming), which is why it has found itself the January 2024 book selection for the Get Lit! Book Club, which meets the last Sunday of each month at Auntie's Bookstore, 6 PM. 

So, if you're looking for a book club, reading community, and a swell place to find yourself on a Sunday evening, then pencil yourself into Auntie's Bookstore on January 28th from 6-7 PM. (I will not be present for the discussion, but you can find me at Northwest Passages on February 22nd; see Calendar for details.)

More information about the Get Lit! Book Club here.