Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Book Your Stocking 2023 with Regi Claire

Welcome back to this year's Book Your Stocking, a holiday series in which avid readers recommend books for your stocking. This year, readers will be sharing children's books from their past or present. Perhaps you'll stumble upon readers who read the same books as you, or will start remembering books that were important to your own childhood. Should one of those books find its way into a stocking near you, all the better.

Please welcome our next contributor, Regi Claire from Scotland.


Adventures while Dishwashing 

Ron Butlin in a book and family
 moment, picture by Regi Claire

by Regi Claire

My choice is the witty, fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat YA adventure Steve and FranDan Take on the World by Scottish author Ron Butlin. 

Cyber-bullied at school, Steve and hapless Dan escape on a homemade raft together with Fran, Dan’s brainy twin sister, and Nessie the dog. They soon find themselves confronted by some seriously dangerous adversaries and the story spirals into a thrilling chase that keeps you turning the pages. 

I was lucky enough to have the book read to me passage by newly handwritten passage every evening by the author himself – my husband! – while I was cooking dinner (and then doing the washing-up). Every morning I would urge him to write faster, so that I might hear another instalment that evening.


About Regi Claire: Swiss-born Regi Claire is a prizewinning poet and fiction writer based in Scotland. She teaches part-time at Edinburgh University. Learn more about her at www.regiclaire.com

Regi Claire